The DC package of choice used worldwide by survey companies, engineering departments and construction yards working in the oil and gas industries.

Quick to learn and use with Windows look and feel.

Enables the most complex of surveys to be undertaken in a quality assured manner.

BestFit Software

BestFit is provided as a lifetime lease for a single payment and comes with a comprehensive User Guide and Tutorial Book of 30 exercises.

Support is provided by e-mail and Zoom meetings with an average reply time of less than 3 hrs.

Accura Surveys also offer a 1 to 4 day training course at client offices for a fixed price.

 Sales & Support

Standard routines include circle fitting, translations, rotations, 2D &3D best-fits, corner fits, plane fits, pitch & roll, plotting in CAD, flange calculations etc.

Many of the advanced functions are unique to BestFit and save time whilst improving accuracy and quality (reflectorless routine, bundle fit adjustment, fixed radii circle fit, flange angle diagrams).



In my opinion the software has obviously been written for the D.C market by a surveyor with a strong background in the industry. Ease of use and excellent graphics,not forgetting the excellent training manual.

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