Piping and vessel replacement surveys with flange angles to sub mm accuracy. 100% fit rate over 5 years.

QA surveys during fabrication of jackets, decks, sub sea templates, FPSOs . Member of client project management teams.

Pre installation interface analysis for offshore platforms, including cut lines, shimming, hook up spools and positioning targets.

Dimensional procedure and tolerance review.

Dimensional survey

Red Line Mark-up - the piping isometric updated with the required or as-built dimensions in red. Gets results fast and economically to the client or fabrication yard.

Cad 3D model of piping routes, supports and possible clash items. Enables the designers to model in new or replacement routes with confidence. Survey pts included.

2D drawings completed in CAD with short report. Suitable for piping and structural steel.

 Results Presentation

Surveys are undertaken using high precision Leica equipment.

Innovative survey widgets help with achieving a consistently high quality in difficult conditions.

All processing is completed using BestFit software with calculations logged. The bundle fit network adjustment is used to improve and quantify the accuracy achieved.

Health and Safety, Site Visit and Survey procedures are adhered to during all visits to site.

Surveys and Calculation

Accura Surveys provide a professional first class service. I would never hesitate to use them.

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